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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is one of Canada’s largest cities and considered to be the “Gateway to the West.” It is part of western Canada and located near the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Winnipeg is also located near many lakes such as Lake Winnipeg and this causes the city to be a main point in transportation. All rail and road systems pass through this city as well.

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Polar Bear Tours

Polar Bear Experience by Rail and Air

6 nights of pure excitement await you in this unique package. Experience the true beauty of one of the rarest and sought after creatures in Canada – the Canadian Polar Bear. This vacation will take you to Chu ...

7 Days / 6 Nights
from $6654.00

Beluga Whales

Manitoba Big Five Safari

This encompasses an unforgettable experience in Canada’s north. Experience the incredible array of mega-fauna that populate the rivers, forests and tundra of the beautiful province of Manitoba. Join in and d ...

8 Days / 7 Nights
from $6427.00

Beluga Whales

Belugas, Bears and Blooms in Churchill

Beluga whales, polar bears, and icebergs in the Arctic Ocean are all commonplace in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. This makes it one of Canada's most amazing destinations and has been naturally labelled the ...

6 Days / 5 Nights
from $4556.00

Winnipeg is home to the world famous Royal Winnipeg Ballet. This studio produces many productions each year and each one is even better than the one before. Explore many attractions like parks, historic buildings or the meeting of many cultures coming together. The Forks is a common meeting place in downtown Winnipeg, and is not only a meeting of people, but a meeting of cultures. This meeting place is a 54 acre site that has many attractions for visitors from all over the world. There is a skate park, Festival Park and Scotiabank Stage; where concerts and festivals are held; and the beautiful Assiniboine Riverwalk. There are some shopping options available as well.

For those who love history, be sure to visit the Lower Fort Garry. This 19th century fort is an old fur trading post. As a National Historic Site, there is a very educated element to this tourist attraction. There are people who dress up and reenact the way fur trading happened, and to provide information on Canada’s history. Guided tours are available and would probably be the best bet if you want to learn as much as possible.  Fort Garry also provides a gift shop and a display exhibit. Another historic attraction is the Riel House. This is the house of the Métis leader, Louis Riel.  Take a guided tour or an interpretive experience while you visit. Explore the Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Education Center. This museum is dedicated to Ukrainian Canadians and it helped to preserve their history. The museum holds onto artifacts ranging from documents to photographs.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is another great attraction to visit on your stay in Winnipeg. This zoo is open every single day of the year and has 409 species of animals. The zoo is arranged by what part of the world the animals come from. There are guided tours and both outdoor and indoor activities.

One major festival that takes place in Winnipeg is Folklorama. This is the biggest multicultural event in the world and takes place in 45 different pavilions across the city of Winnipeg. Each pavilion displays a different culture and allows visitors to experience their way of life.  This festival has everything from home cooked meals to nightly entertainment.




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